Information Is Power

Golbon distributors have nearly unlimited resources and reporting at their fingertips. Our distributors can access up-to-date program information, travel program points balances and a comprehensive "how to" manual, just to name a few.

Distributor Snapshot

Every month, Golbon distributors receive a program snapshot report. This report contains up-to-date information on overall program purchases along with year-to-date program value. It even includes projected bonus and travel incentive points. Your distributor snapshot also facilitates goal setting with a 4 year projected financial return based on predicted program increases.

Distributor Program Guide

Understanding the financial benefits, volume incentive levels and travel incentive programs is essential to Golbon distributors. This guide details every aspect of our programs, explaining how to leverage them for maximum profitability.

Distributor Resource Guide

This Golbon handbook is the primary source of information for all Golbon programs, products and services. It includes several "how to" sections on marketing, sheltering income, optimizing your food show presence and much more. You’ll find many sections of the Resource Guide helpful for your department managers and associates.

Golbon MembersOnly Website

This secure site contains all the reporting and financial information that a Golbon distributor needs to track program purchases, promotions, travel incentive points and much more. The Distributor Forum allows members to post questions and network with other Golbon distributors on topics including operations, DSR commissions and much more.

Monthly Program Reporting

Every month, Golbon distributors receive a package of reports, including detailed DPA (Distributor Promotional Allowance) statements, current year-to-date program purchases and projected bonus levels. These reports ensure that Golbon distributors are updated and on track to meet their financial goals.

Weekly Members Update

Golbon distributors receive weekly market information, industry updates and Golbon news. Distributors can also post announcements highlighting their own company, to share and network with other distributors.

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